Spatial Data Management
Stichtse Vecht
“GeolinQ is an innovative solution to bridge the gap between nationally available data and practical use.”

What was the challenge?

Make all cable and pipeline information available in the subsurface of the municipality. Most networks are from third parties (Gasunie, Telecom companies, etc.). The data is needed to facilitate policy on the long term energy transition strategy as well as operational action in the event of calamities.

What was the approach?

The cable and pipeline data of all network providers is available at the Dutch Cadastre. The Dutch Cadastre distributes the data on ‘KLIC’ files with an XML format. In GeolinQ the content of the files is made available as map layers.

What was the outcome?

The cable and pipeline data is available for all specialists in the municipality for strategic and operational use. All stakeholders are very satisfied with this innovative solution.