Spatial Data Management

Wayss & Freytag speeds up Germany’s fiber optic networks thanks to marXact and IntellinQ

As a professional, you should always choose the equipment that suit you best. Whether that is from one or more suppliers, just select the right tools from the entire tool kit.

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG – Bereich UT/BWE, part of the Royal BAM Group and located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, registers fiber optic networks with  marXact hardware and uses IntellinQ software to work with the generated data. 

Building the foundation

Working together to build the, literal, foundation is just as important in surveying as it is in construction. Wayss & Freytag acknowledged that early-on, by choosing to work with the marXact UNI-GR1 GNSS receiver and the GeolinQ platform by IntellinQ. Dennis Terwoert is an engineer at Wayss & Freytag and knows the advantages of these combined powers best: “We are in the middle of this great partnership, reaping benefits from every side. This all originated in the Netherlands, when our sister company BAM Infra Telecom laid fibre optic networks and relied on IntellinQ and marXact to make the processes more easy and efficient. Germany is not at that same level with fiber optics yet, but we are taking big steps to get there. Quick and easy surveying and processing and reviewing data efficiently, helps us do so.”

“I believe that the foundation starts with the right data”, says marXact cofounder Tommy van der Heijden. “Wayss & Freytag is living proof that you work more productively and efficiently when you set yourself up for success. They choose for both IntellinQ and ourselves as partners. The strength of IntellinQ is data management, while ours is getting an exact position with the UNI-GR1 GNSS receiver. Combining those two is their perfect fit.”

Incorporate suggestions

“We have a no-code and web-based software platform to collect, integrate and distribute spatial data in an efficient and flexible way”, GeolinQ COO Boris van Luipen says. “Almost any application can be configured easily and without any programming, including the link with the marXact UNI-Cloud. That makes this partnership so powerful. The strong assets of the UNI-GR1 and our GeolinQ mesh well together and meet Wayss & Freytag’s needs. Suggestions and ideas to improve surveying and data processing for Wayss & Freytag can be realised without developing.”

One of these suggestions led to the new and improved configuration, which has been released recently. Van Luipen: “The new configuration now connects to the project-based working of Wayss & Freytag. For each survey project, all objects to be surveyed are shown, such as cables and trenches of an imported design. The user surveys via GeolinQ and the linked UNI-GR1 and can link measurements directly to the design objects. Another major improvement is that survey projects can be shared with project managers. A map is shared with project managers to show the progress of the survey. The map for surveyors and the map for project managers can be managed independently.”

“The improved interface and new functionalities make a real difference to us. While our colleagues survey with the UNI-GR1 in the field, the revision and design are immediately visible online. This is a highly desirable efficiency boost for our operators and improves our performance greatly. This allows implementers to recognize and respond to unmeasured revision immediately, instead of later on. It also increases speed: files open more quickly and by putting specific data together, we are able to find something quicker than before. Combined with the survey equipment of marXact, this new interface is a real gamechanger for us”, Terwoert says.