Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ 1.7.11: XML and GML files are processed up to 20 times faster 

In GeolinQ 1.7.11 processing of XML and GML files is very fast with the introduction of batch processing. Compared to traditional processing files are imported, validated and stored up to 20 times faster. 

Also introduced in GeolinQ 1.7.11:

Support of Single Sign On (SSO). Authorization services, for example ADFS, can be linked to GeolinQ using OpenID. Users do not need an extra username and password to login to GeolinQ and organizations are able to link GeolinQ to existing authorization services of the organization. More information

Many user interface improvements. Feature datasets are much easier to manage as the presentation of the feature map and feature list are improved. Feature datasets can be presented geographically via a map or administrative via a list. In both presentations intuitive functionality is available to filter, search and edit the data.