Spatial Data Management

New training modules available

We have recently developed a number of training modules that are available from today. A fundamentals training is available a well as a number of advanced training modules. The training modules are offered at our Rotterdam office as well as on location.  


The Fundamentals training offers students insights of the core GeolinQ concepts and a number of tutorials to get full understanding of core functionality of the software. The training has a duration of one day and consists of the following four modules: Concepts, Point clouds and raster data, features and distribution of publishing datasets to end-users using maps and web services.   

This training is now available as a standard training. 

Advanced modules 

In addition a number of training modules is developed to learn more about more specific GeolinQ functionality. The Fundamental trainign is requiered to follow these modules: 

  • External Datasources
  • Views
  • System administration 
  • Installation

For more information go to: Training modules