Spatial Data Management

Introduction of GNSS receiver integration in GeolinQ 1.4.13

GeolinQ 1.4.13 offers new functionality for seamless integration with GNSS receivers and specific with the UNI-GR-I device from MarXact. Using the GeolinQ map portal with an iPad of tablet in combination with a GNSS receiver to acquire location coordinates with centimeter precision.    

End users are now able to relate registered geometries in planned work on a location with the actual situation on the work location and store the results. Registrations and work planning can be improved to map the differences. The results are immediately available in the GeolinQ map portal and services to end-users.   

Enhancements WMS and WFS services

Options are added to configure one or more coordinate systems for WMS and WFS services. For WFS services also a default coordinate system can be configured per WFS service. GeolinQ was already able to distribute services in almost every EPSG coordinate system. In some applications a limitation of the possibilities is needed so the option is added. In addition the performance in feature queries for WFS services in improved.