Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ 1.3.11 available

In GeolinQ 1.3.11 a new user interface is introduced for Maps and Services. This new GUI simplifies the configuration functionality to add and manage map and service layers in GeolinQ. The needed configuration steps is reduced and new functionality is added. Maps now offers the option to add and combine external WMS or WMTS services to datasets and styles in GeolinQ.    

Publishing WMS and WFS services based on selecting data sets in datasources and styling combined in service layers is simplified with the introduction of 1.3.11.

Maps uses the same configuration steps and offers functionality to combine map layers based on datasources and styles from GeolinQ with external web services. I addition users can choose the coordinate system and backdrop for each Map. Combining data managed in GeolinQ with WMS of WMTS services from external sources is possible with a minimum of configuration steps.     

Besides Maps and Services also a number of other enhancements are introduced for further improved user experience. Examples are:

  • More Administration functionality with new added Services and Maps permissions
  • Enhanced flexibility in mapping between datasets and Shapes
  • Enhanced automated data mapping in Views