Spatial Data Management

Import and Export

In many cases data is the foundation for further processing in specialized tools resulting in new information products and insights. Most specialized tools require a specific data format and coordinate system. Seamless integration with these tools demands a flexible data export functionality and the ability to transform to other coordinate systems.  

Data export 

 All datasets in GeolinQ is available for export. GeolinQ offers functionality to select the attributes to export and to define the structure of the export file to meet the requirements of the downstream tooling. Users can choose to export one ore multiple  datasets or define subsets inclusing the option to use a spatial condition.

For geographic data export the coordinate system can be selected. GeolinQ uses the EPSG database supporting almost all worldwide known coordinate transformations.

GeolinQ supports most used open file formats: 

  • GeoTIFF
  • ASCII xy
  • Excel
  • GML
  • XML
  • XML Metadata

GeolinQ can be extended to support more export file formats. Contact us for more information.