Spatial Data Management

Application Screens

Application screens are the base the configure End-user applications in GeolinQ. By combining screens application services can be configured enabling end-user to collect, manage and distribute data. Application services can be used on any device with a web browser. The appearance of application services can be customized to clients by adding the company’s color scheme and logo to the application.   

GeolinQ screen have a direct link to the data model and are mapped to this model using configuration wizards. The application logic of the end-user applications is created by relating multiple screen to each other.  These applications are distributed via application services. Multiple screen types are available. The available screen types are:

  Screentype Explanation
Menu screen Screen to configure static menus. 
Tab screen Screen to configure tab pages.
Export screen Screen to configure a dataset export.
List screen Screen to configure lists and features on a map.
Form screen Screen to configure forms.
Questionnaire screen  Screen to configure Questionnaire lists.
;Map screen Screen to configure maps.
Text screen Screen to configure text and images.