Spatial Data Management


The end user can maintain the GeolinQ platform directly from the web interface. Even maintenance procedures like installing a new GeolinQ release is mostly supported from the web interface.


The GeolinQ platform is easily managed for multiple organisations, departments, projects or customers by the application of tenants . A tenant is a stand-alone instance of GeolinQ containing a configuration with its own users, datasources and datasets for the organization, customer or department. The application of tenant allows multiple organizations or departments sharing the same GeolinQ installation.

User Management

The autorisation structure in GeolinQ grant users access to data and functionality in GeolinQ. Users are assigned to user groups. Access to datasources and permission to edit datasources are granted to user groups. GeolinQ possess a default password authentication but also supports OpenID authentication for Single Sign On (SSO).

Task management and task servers

The import of data and processes like the intersection of datasets or the generation of contours is executed in tasks. The tasks are executed on a task server in order to spare the application server. The progress and log of a task are available for the users.

XML Script

XML Script is applied to automate the maintenance processes. XML script can execute operations like creating a tenant or importing a datasource. The application of scripts makes manual procedures obsolete and saves a lot of time.

Installation and updates

Regularly IntellinQ releases new versions of GeolinQ. These versions are available for download in the support portal. Customers have a support account to access the support portal and the new releases of GeolinQ. A new version of GeolinQ migrates automatically the user configurations and underlying database to new GeolinQ version after installation.

Besides running GeolinQ on own hardware the GeolinQ platform is also available as GeolinQ as a Service (GaaS). IntellinQ offers GaaS as a solution on a Virtual Private Service (VPS) environment where the most recent version of GeolinQ is always available. The customer manages only the tenants, users and tasks but the GeolinQ updates are installed by IntellinQ.