Spatial Data Management

Feature editing in maps in the new GeolinQ 1.4.10 release.

In GeolinQ 1.4.10 new functionality is offered to edit features in maps. Geometry and attribute feature information is available to end-users and can be added, changed or deleted. All changes are processed and validated real-time in the underlying datasets and available to all users.   

Inspection officers and other end-user groups are now able to manage their feature datasets in GeolinQ easily. In a map a combination of editable map layers and read only map layer can be defined. The data owner is able to change the data using other data layers as a reference. One or more maps can made available to end-user groups via the map portal.

Manage pipe lines and cables data using the Dutch IMKL standard

The Dutch Informatie Model Kabels en Leidingen (IMKL) is a mandatory information model to manage data related to pipelines and cables. The standard is based on European INSPIRE guidelines to share data. An example application to manage IMKL objects like electricity cables, glass fibers etc is publicly available via Mapportal and for GeolinQ customers as a Datasource.

XML Scripting

'XML scripts' is introduced to automate operations like import and export of datasets, import of datasource and creating of tenants. Using scripts offers options to reduce manual action and time. The operations and options to use XML scripts to automate operations are available in the GeolinQ manual.